Monday, November 22, 2010

Since You Saw Us Last...'s been awhile since my last post, so here is what you've missed!

1. Brynn is really loving school, she says she doesn't want to go but she plays school every minute that we are not there. She loves being the teacher and teaching lessons to her students at home! Brynn is now on the competition mini-team for gymnastics sports center. She tumbles and works on the bars every chance she can get. She has had such great improvement. It's fun to watch her learn new things each time we go to practice. Her first meet is coming up in December!

2. Mark's job on 635 is going really well, but we miss seeing him early in the morning when he is on the road. He is doing lots of running again and says he plans to run another half marathon in January! GO MARK!

3. Paisley just had her half birthday! Yes, my sweet baby girl is already 6 months old. She is eating lots of baby foods, rolling all over the room, sitting up alone, and trying her hardest to crawl. She has had 1 ear infection that messed up her sleeping pattern for a few weeks but seems to be back to normal. She gets a bath and a cereal bottle at about 7:30 and then is off to bed and usually sleeps until about 7:30 in the morning! SHE IS AMAZING!

4. As for me, I have stayed super busy with school work, taking Brynn to her practices, holding my sweet "P", and working on sewing projects like crazy. I wish I could just work on my crafty stuff all the time, it is so relaxing.

5. Halloween flew by and Thanksgiving is just a few days away. For Halloween Brynn wanted to be a witch, with a rather unusual twist. She had striped leggings, a tutu skirt, red sparkle shoes, and to top it off she decided that her face needed to be painted green...interesting. Paisley was Little Miss Piggy, which fits her perfectly. She loves to eat eat eat!

6. I finished "my two little turkeys" some turkey shirts that turned out precious. They looked so adorable together in all the fallen leaves outside.

I know we have done a 1000 things more but that wraps up our highlights and I will get some pictures posted hopefully over Thanksgiving holiday!