Friday, October 31, 2008


The World is Waiting For You!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Arbuckle Wilderness

Mamu's Surprise Birthday Party

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Fun Filled Family Weekend

Sometimes we find ourselves so wrapped up in so many tasks and duties that we find it hard to even enjoy the simple things in life. Mark and I decided that it was time for a short break away from so many of those things that were taking up so much of our time and energy. We decided that it was time for a chance to get away and enjoy watching Brynn laugh and smile and just be happy to be with her mommy and daddy. We took a much needed break and began by celebrating Mamu's birthday on Thursday night with a surprise party and a home cooked meal. Mamu enjoyed all of the fun fishing supply gifts that she got! Then Mark and I took off on Friday to spend some quality time with Brynn. We headed up to Oklahoma and made our way through the adventurous drive at Arbuckle Wilderness. I have never seen Brynn so happy and excited. I was so thankful to have gotten to spend the day with just her and Mark. It was really special and fun...except for the overly aggressive camel that almost took Brynn's hand off and then decided to eat the cup the food was in. Despite the camel, it was one of the most fun days that I have had. Then on Saturday, we went over to Whitesboro for the annual peanut festival. We had a blast walking around with some friends, eating popcorn and cotton candy and doing some shopping! IT WAS THE BEST WEEKEND...WE ALL HAD SO MUCH FUN TOGETHER!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Great State Fair

It is truly amazing how much there is to see and do at the State Fair. First we rode the DART train and Brynn thought that was pretty interesting, but she did not enjoy it when it was crowded. Once we arrived we stopped to see BIG TEX and Brynn kept saying, he is tall. Then we managed to sample many different fair foods, see many shows including the dogs and the pigs. Brynn loved the pig races and the 920 pound pig that came out. Brynn and I rode THE SWANS, but some how we ended up on the little duck instead of the pretty swan, but that was probably my favorite part of the entire day. After all of that and the many exhibits we stuck around for the illumination sensation light show. It was spectacular but scared Brynn a little bit. The flames that shot out were very hot and Brynn decided that she needed to put on her sunglasses so that it wouldn't hurt her eyes. It was a fantastic day. Brynn was a perfect angel and wanted to stay and see even more.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Future Bearcats

It was an exciting Homecoming Football game Friday night. Everytime that we got a touchdown Brynn would get so excited about the band playing and get her pom poms and start cheering and clapping! She had so much fun at the game with her best buds!

Happy Birthday Leigh Leigh!

We celebrated Leigh Ann's birthday on Friday before the football game. Brynn helped lead us all in singing Happy Birthday!