Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to School / Football Season

We have all adjusted well to going back to school! I have a class of 17 great kids, and Brynn has made some wonderful friends in her PreK class. Also, the really big adjustment has come with Mark's new job this week. It's in Dallas on 635 so he has quite a commute everyday, but it seems to be going smoothly. We just wish he wasn't so far away from us. I have to say, I got very spoiled to always having him 15 minutes away. The not so great news right now is: I am already home sick from school, Mark feels a sinus infection coming on, and we think Paisley may have a slight cold/allergies :( Brynn on the other hand is A OK! She has stayed super busy with school, gymnastics 2 times a week, and going to fun things like the Sherman Bearcat Cheer Clinic! She is ready for some Bearcat football! But most of all we are just really thankful my sweet momma has been here for us to help us adjust to new schedules, take care of us while we are sick, and run Brynn around to her gymnastics practices. We couldn't do it without her!