Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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July 4, 2010

This was a very exciting July 4th for our family! We got to take a mini vacation to Addison with the Boothe family to see the Kaboomtown Fireworks and stay the night in a hotel. Clay and Brynn loved running back & forth from room to room, jumping on the beds, and pretend calling each other on the hotel phones. While we were there they also got to swim. We had an amazing view of the fireworks show from our hotel room window, which was so nice due to the crummy, rainy weather. The kids loved it so much that we hope it becomes a new tradition we get to look forward to every year!

We also went to spend some time with friends at the Martin's house in Gunter. There was great BBQ, swimming, and fellowship. After that we meet up with Mimi and Papaw to see the Gunter fireworks show. IT WAS SUPER! They did an excellent job and we had a great place to park and watch the show.