Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stay at Home Mom

I get the pleasure of being a stay at home mom today! The babysitter called us and was sick so I thought it would be fun to blog our day.

We got to tell Daddy bye today and send him off to work.

Well, its not even 9:00 am and Brynn has managed to climb up on top of the entertainment center while I was loading the washing machine. What a monkey, she even managed to break off the knob that she was climbing up on. Looks like we are in for a very long and eventful day. Oh how sweet it is to have a precious 3 year old that is in everything.

Brynn's watching Barney and I got to braid her hair...how cute is that!

We got to meet Daddy for Lunch at Chick-Fil-A and play for a while!

Then we went to get a few things from Wal-Mart but had to stop and watch the crazy bird inside the store that was pecking at a bag of bird seed helping himself to some food.

Next we were off to the pet store to get some new fish for the aquarium!

Then we washed the car...It was reallllllly dirty!

Finally we headed home to play outside for a while but Rocko rolled in the mud and Brynn was being a monkey again so mommy had to be mean and tell them both it was time to come in to clean up and take a nap. And yes, she is finally down for a nap at 3:15!

I am also keeping a "Mommy Your Mean" counter going today. Those seem to be Brynn's favorite words right now. We are really working on trying to get Brynn to be sweet to us so that we don't have to discipline her, but what can I say she is only 3. As my mom says, "It's just a phase". But anyway, we are still working on the being sweet to mommy stuff, but I thought it would be interesting to see how many times I was "being mean" today!

Mommy's Mean Counter: 14

Although it was very difficult at times today to see Brynn misbehaving or telling me that I was mean I wouldn't have traded today for anything. I very much enjoyed the time that I got to share with Brynn. She is a very sweet and loving little girl and I had to realize today that it really won't be like this for long. Her behavior is just a phase but even when she is treating me not so nicely I love her more than I ever thought was possible. She is a wonderful, precious gift from God that I am very thankful for. Being a stay at home mom for the day was a wonderful blessing that I wish I could have everyday. Brynn and I had an amazing day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Time to Catch Up

Ok...Well since the last post we have been a busy little family! Here is the breakdown of the many events that have taken place:

Lord's Supper Reenactment - Mark portrayed Jesus
FYI: our previous music leader @ FABC moved to Waples in Denison and the first Jesus backed out, so needless to say Sam called on Mark to do the job and he had to get his lines memorized in only a few short days. Of course Mark did a fantastic job and really helped to make Easter a special time for their church.

After a long day of Easter activities at school we were all ready for some relaxing time at the lake. We meet up with Mark's family at Lake Texoma to go camping for the night and had a wonderful time. We ran around on the beach with the dogs, did some fishing, took many pictures, and even got to have a campfire and wonderful breakfast. It was just what we all needed after the long week. Brynn really liked sleeping on the "table bed" in the pop-up too. Camping is becoming one of her favorite things to do.

After coming home from the lake we had a great lunch at Kent's in Denison. Yummy! Then we were all so exhausted that we took naps from 4:30 - 9:30. We stayed up until about 1:30am after that because we couldn't get back to sleep.

This was a very fun filled day as well. Brynn woke up to find the goodies the Easter bunny had left for her, and then she put on her pretty Easter dress and we all went to church. Because of the rain the kids at church had to have the egg hunt in the fellowship hall. Poor Brynn came home with only 1 egg and then a half piece of another one. Then we were off to eat with my family in Gunter. Everyone was able to make it and we ate the best lunch I have ever had. My mom fixed a wonderful brisket that I need to get the recipe for. Best I have ever tasted! All the girls had fun playing together and breaking confetti eggs. After that we headed back to Mamu & Grandad's to find more goodies that the Easter bunny had left behind. Thank goodness the weather had cleared up enough for Brynn to go outside and find some eggs! She had a fantastic time looking around for the hidden eggs!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Decorating Eggs!

Everyone got to join in on the decorating of the Easter eggs at Mamu & Grandad's house! We had too much fun!